I’ve been to Kathy’s office twice now, and it was such a relief leaving her office both time. Kathy was able to explain and answer all of my questions with great details.

Having worked with Kathy Luong, I’d definitely recommend Kathy to work and represent for any of my family and friends. She’s not only experienced, knowledgeable but also very patient and professional. With my case, it’s a custody case, I asked Kathy for all of the possible outcomes if we do go to court. She explained everything in details for me of the pros and cons. I love how she did not sugarcoat me with the possible outcomes. Long story short, she advised me with her expertise to hold off of filing anything just yet for my case because things are still great at this moment on my end. With that being said, she cares about her client’s goal more than $$$ to file paper to court.

Again, everyone’s case is different, but just let Kathy know your ultimate goal, she will help you and guide you to the right direction.

I really appreciate her professionalism and expertise to help me and my daughter.